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Trained as a sculptor while excelling in mediums such as porcelain and clay, Charles' curated jewelry design style and incredible aesthetics have evolved into trendsetting wearable works of art.

Innovative new designs are only appreciated when related to my collections of the past. Many have said, "Charles, you are only as good as your next collections." My new collections will mix and match, layer and stack, and balance off my previous collections in a perfectly paired manner. My design style is passionately evolving as my collector's standards continually rise. Discover your style and show the world the essence of you, one piece at a time.



A passion towards perfection, Charles starts with selecting and procuring the most magnificent and sought after natural diamonds the world has to offer. Spanning across the globe, purveying each unique offering, our hand-selected diamonds are almost always recut to exacting specifications; shape, beauty, form, tonality, and distinct hue. Each diamond is individually scrutinized and passes through our rigorous hand-selection process. Charles carefully designs around each hand selected diamond in order to offer a one of a kind Precious Pastel piece. The Krypell Family is privileged to be one of the few design houses having access with an unbroken chain of custody to the exotic phenomenon of the Argyle Red, Pink, and Violet / Blue diamonds. These incredible diamonds are so rare, so pure, and so spectacular, and they make up each and  every Charles Krypell Precious Pastel design. Truly a departure from ordinary, the precious pastel's are nothing short of extraordinary.


Each natural gemstone that is utilized in the Pastel Collection comes directly from within the earth. Exotic in color, beautiful in tonality and hue, our relationships with various gemological institutes and mines gives us the ability to procure spectacular specimens, each inherent with their own beautiful characteristics. Our precious gemstones are the best that earth has to offer, and each gemstone is a 'fingerprint' for the blueprint of a design that Charles conceptualizes around in beautiful 18k gold and diamonds. Magnificent crystallization in each pastel gemstone affords size and brilliance to be adorned into specially curated Charles Krypell Pastel creations.


Attaining mainstream status in the early 80s, the Krypell collection was the epitome of a sculptures paradise. Disciplined angles and extreme form take shape to define the iconic Krypell Collection. Incorporating Burmese rich rubies, Sri Lankan velvety Sapphires, Colombian and African Emeralds, each stone is scrutinized, cut, and fully calibrated specifically for each individual Krypell piece.
With a well styled and fresh new modern setting technique, coveted dimensional approach, relevant and rare stone usage and with the introduction of new metals like rose gold, the collection takes new life. Paired anew with fresh modern forms and contemporary design priorities, The Krypell Collection can be described as timeless fine jewelry with dramatic details of scale, proportion, and volume.

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Defined by intense carvings, disciplined angles, and perfect diamond placement, the Gold Collection represents a bold alternative for everyday fashion. Charles designs exclusively in 18K yellow, white, and rose gold, expertly combining wearability and luxury into each individual crafted piece. A perfectly designed collection, it offers a bold and beautiful statement for the wearer. The Gold and Diamond Collection maintains effortless femininity, beauty, and timeless elegance.


Well-styled, fresh and youthful, Sterling Silver by Charles Krypell is one of the most important sterling collections in the last 25 years – “I was looking to broaden my base by offering pieces with intrinsic value that are aesthetically beautiful. There are many occasions to purchase jewelry as a gift and not all of them are milestone birthdays or anniversaries. Sometimes we just want to celebrate the moment without spending a fortune.” Charles Krypell is focused on evolving his Sterling Silver Collection into trend setting designs, while maintaining his uniqueness in styling and attention to detail in every piece. In one word, it’s about passion – not only for sculpting exquisite jewelry that will be tomorrow’s heirlooms, but for achieving the ultimate in a retail setting - satisfying his customers by turning them into his collectors of the future. For the most discerning jewelry wearer, there surely will be a sterling silver piece that will become an instant favorite, accommodate any and all lifestyles.

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